Our Services

Cloud Computing

CodeSchema helps small business, corporate IT organizations and product organizations leverage the power of public, private and hybrid cloud technologies on leading cloud platforms such as Rackspace, Openstack, Salesforce.com, Microsoft, and Amazon/AWS.

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Web 2.0 Solutions

Consumers and businesses today expect application user interfaces that are rich, interactive and responsive. Recent advances in HTML5, Javascript MVC frameworks, RIA, Responsive Web Design, etc has enabled companies to meet this growing demand for a desktop-like interface.

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Quality Assurance & Testing

CodeSchema Solutions has expertise in integrating testing activities throughout the entire software development life cycle on both agile and traditionally structured environ

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Open Source

Open source means that the product’s source code will be made available to its users, can be downloaded and modified as long as license requirements are observed. Since open source solutions are different than commercial software, CodeSchema uses new methods to build applications based on OSS. With the endless possibility of learning and development, open…

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We are experts in Web & Mobile development having built websites, web-based business systems or any custom made mobile application. Web development is the process of taking a website design and programming this to display properly in a browser. This involves programming the HTML and CSS in-line with web standards and then integrating this code into a…

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Assistance Technical Expertise

  • Cloud Computing Services are fully managed and built to meet all your enterprise application needs. Maximizing the effectiveness of shared resources, we provide you with highly secure comprehensive cloud computing solutions to manage your enterprise apps.

    Our expert cloud consultants will help you segment your IT resources strategically and ensure you have the best mobility solution for your organization.

    Cloud Computing
  • Open Source is the latest buzzword in website development industry. Radical Open Source technologies facilitate websites that are robust, visually appealing and easy to navigate, and thus magnetizing increased web traffic.

    Its powerful, built-in functionalities that make it easier to create robust and highly scalable websites and manage multiple web pages, simultaneously.

    Open Source Development
  • Our Quality Assurance and Testing services follows a comprehensive process and audits every stage involved to ensure the desired end-product is perfect.

    We rigorously examine the software/application under control conditions and intentionally make things go wrong when they shouldn’t be. We do this to offer an unbiased view and meet the expectations of your stakeholders.

    Quality Assurance and Testing
  • you are looking to develop a remarkable mobile application for your business or if you have awesome ideas for an invention, CodeSchema Solution team of skilled developers and designers can build your idea.

     CodeSchema Solution excel at creating innovative and engaging Phone apps that don’t just add value to the life of the users but also help you achieve your business objectives.

    Mobile Application
  • Designing a web application involves taking your challenge and creating something innovative and efficient. Let’s make those great ideas a concrete reality.

    Our iterative design and agile development process is an adaptable yet highly scaffolded structure that takes ideas generated in the consultation and research phase and puts them into action through great planning and awesome coding.

    Web Devlopment